This is private property which the general public may use for recreation. No promises are made that these premises are safe or fit for any particular purpose. These premises are not supervised.

If you enter this property you do so at your own risk. Muttland Meadows Inc. is not responsible for any injuries, accidents, losses or liabilities which may occur here.

Muttland Meadows Inc. does not promise or represent to you that you, your children, your pets or your property will be safe or free from injury here. People are responsible for their own behavior and for the behavior or actions of their pets. This property is open continuously for the use and enjoyment of the general public. The grounds and pathways are not maintained, are irregular, and at times may be covered by ice, snow, or mud and my be unsafe to walk upon. Dogs running may knock people over or hurt themselves.

This is not a safe place for children. There are dogs running around without leashes on the premises. Statistically, children are the most frequent victims of dog attacks. While you may consider your child responsible and well mannered, some dogs attack children, especially if provoked, because they are not familiar with them. There may also be dogs on these premises that could become aggressive to other dogs or even adult owners.