Dog Health

Is an Outbreak of Canine Influenza a Problem Here?

You may have heard about an outbreak of Canine Influenza in the Chicago area and be worried for your dog. So far, there have been no cases reported in the Milwaukee area. Previous outbreaks of upper respiratory disease caused by Canine Influenza over the past ten years have been sporadic[…]

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Are Your Expired Medications Still Good?

Chances are, your medication cabinet contains some pills for you or your pets that are past their expiration date. If you’ve wondered whether these older medications might still be OK to use, you are not alone. Researchers from the California Poison Control System, the University of California, San Francisco and[…]

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Protect Your Pets Against Parasites

Heartworm disease is completely preventable. It’s not a new disease and many of the preventative medications we prescribe to prevent it have been around for years. We’ve had a lot of time and the benefit of millions of dollars of marketing and advertising by drug manufacturers in our favor. Yet[…]

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